Beautiful You Only Enhanced





For a bride, the wedding day is the most impactful and memorable day of life.  Whether you desire a naturally alluring, soft and kissable look or a high impact, super glam look, you can trust Face First to achieve the look of your dreams.   A bridal trial is recommended.  SPECIAL: 50% off trial fee if Bride books services the day of the trial.  Contact us for your appointment today!

Makeup 101


What is mascara?  Do not be embarrassed if you can not answer that question.  Many individuals who have never used makeup are very intimidated by it.  Face First provides one-on-one lessons so you can conquer your makeup fears.  For makeup vets  who are bored with your look and wish to step your game up, we can assist.  Contact Face First to schedule your lesson today!

Prom and Sweet Sixteen DIVAS


High glam, red carpet looks for the belle of the ball!  The party doesn't start until YOU walk through the door!  Contact Face First for your appointment.

Era Makeup


Whether a Disco DIVA or 50's Pin-Up girl, Face First can achieve the look with accuracy.  Before the photo shoot, costume or theme party, contact Face First for your appointment.

Customized Liquid Foundations

MOTIVES Cosmetics

Face First creates all natural, customized liquid foundations that are a guaranteed MATCH!  Do not let makeup companies sell you two foundations and then send you home like you are a chemist to create the ideal foundation.  With Motives Cosmetics it's one and DONE!  Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to host a home party and earn a free Custom Blend Foundation!  Browse our products and shop at www.motivescosmetics.com/facefirstglam/